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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

How did you develop this Bible reading plan?

We have used scores of Bible reading plans over the years. While they all have their value, there was a need for the perfect plan to help people develop the habit of reading the Bible every day. God led us to follow His plan in Creation using the six day model.  This simple schedule empowers you to develop the discipline of daily Bible reading.  Get started today!

Is There A Digital Version?

The Six Day Bible reading plan is a downloadable PDF. You can print the plan and use the paper version or you can use the digital PDF on any device. It is easy to save the PDF to your phone or tablet can you use your finger as a pin to mark your progress.

Do the Readings Change from Year to Year?

No. We adjust the dates every year but the readings remain the same.

How Many Copies Can I Make?

There is no charge to enjoy and make copies of the Six Day Bible Reading Schedule. You may make and distribute as many copies as you want. All we ask is that you do not alter the Schedule in any way and you do not charge or profit from distributing it.

How Can I Help?

I’m glad you have been blessed by our plan. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Spread the word! Share our free plan with as many people, churches, and organizations as you like.
  • Buy us a coffee. Your donation will help us maintain this site and help more people.


Use our PLUS+ plan to read the entire Bible two times and Proverbs twelve times this year.  You can do it!

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